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Everglade Landscaping and Maintenance: Quality Provider of Innovative and Creative Outdoor Landscaping Solutions in Surrey, Langley, and Surrounding areas

If you are imagining an outdoor sanctuary that incorporates the natural landscape into a functional area that will delight your family and guests for years to come; Everglade Landscaping can help bring your vision to life with their design expertise and extensive list of available services and installation capabilities. Specifically, Everglade Landscaping offers lawn cutting, sod installation, grading, irrigation, paving stones, hard and soft scapes, wall retaining, and strata maintenance, amongst others in the areas of Surrey, Langley, and surround areas.

Unlike other landscape design contractors, we have the expertise and trained professionals on hand to work with you and create an outdoor atmosphere to your specifications including the following landscaping services:

Landscape Design
Get acquainted with our landscape design experts who will work with you to take your design from initial concept to completion. 

Landscape Essentials
New lawn installations (Sodding)
Planting (trees, shrubs)
Site preparation or site grading

Landscape Construction
Paving stones
Retaining walls (wood, concrete blocks or natural rock walls) Water features 
Accent Lighting

Lawn Cutting (weekly, bi-weekly) 
Maintenance Programs (Seasonal, Annual)
Commercial and Strata Maintenance

All of our services such as lawn cutting sod installation, grading, irrigation, paving stones, hard and soft scapes, wall retaining, and strata maintenance are executed by our teams of landscape experts equipped with the technologically advanced landscaping equipment. These aforementioned services are especially available in the areas of Surrey, Langley, and surrounding areas.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 604-617-5755 and speak with one of our landscape design specialist to discuss your landscape project. We also offer free on site estimate of your landscape project or general maintenance requirements when you call us.